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Transform Security Operations

Better forecast risks and provide data-driven security recommendations to protect people and assets with on-demand access to AI-powered global threat intelligence.

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Product Features


Mange your global locations. Quickly view key insights and critical information so you can prioritize your workload and visualize your entire footprint.


Filter data by date and location to see recent, historical, and seasonal trends around a desired location. View and download charts and graphs to support recommendations.


Select from a variety of map views to create interactive data visualizations. Boundaries View helps break down a neighborhood, while Heatmap View identifies hotspots within an area. Events View portrays individual incidents down to the latitude and longitude point.


Segment data to key into the event type, time of day and even search historical data by a specific date range. 

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Make Decisions with Certainty

We harness the power of AI and natural language processing to ingest, translate, classify, and clean our data to ensure it is accurate and easy to consume. And since we refresh our data twice per week, you can trust that you always have the most up-to-date, reliable information available.  

Work Smarter, Not Harder

We connect you with more than 20,000 data sources around the world, all in one place, so you no longer have to run endless searches across multiple platforms, saving you time and making your job easier.

Discover Actionable Insights

To be prepared, you have to know exactly where and what types of threats you’re facing. That’s why we provide hyper-granular data, geolocating incidents down to the street level and including specific threat details, so you can strengthen and justify your prepare and prevent recommendations.

Get Safety & ROI

We provide you with the data you need to justify your security recommendations and validate the effectiveness of those recommendations. By measuring the impact and cost savings of proactive security, you can prove ROI and turn your security operations into a strategic advantage.

In the past 5 days I haven’t closed Base Operations. I give It a 10 out of 10.

Dean Geribo
Head of Coporate Security

Base Operations informs our strategic and routine security planning across the world. The unmatched granularity of micro-intelligence supports our supply chain security planning and dramatically improves our travel security guidance.

Richard Pace
Director of Personnel Security and Organizational Resilience

Quickly became our key risk evaluation tool for event, travel, and office security. New use cases developed weekly from real estate to leadership insights. Great platform!

Richard Chambers
Director Physical Security & Compliance

In the past 5 days I haven’t closed Base Operations.

I give It a 10 out of 10.

Dean Geribo
Head of Corporate Security

Actioning Intel: Connecting Insights to Outcomes

Turning intelligence into action is crucial for security teams, but it’s easier said than done. Join us to learn proven strategies for contextualizing data, enabling timely decisions, and driving better risk outcomes.

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