Senior Backend Engineer

East Coast or Remote
Full Time

The Senior Backend Engineer has a broad set of experience and a self-starting approach to work. This role will involve  solving technical challenges and coming up with efficient solutions in a timely manner. The Senior Backend Engineer will take ownership and grow with our growing team. The Senior Backend Engineer will report to the Base Operations VP of Engineering. In addition to working closely with the VP of Engineering, the Senior Backend Engineer will work with Base Operations Product and Data Science teams, as well as Security Analysts, outsourced contractors, and interns.


The Senior Backend Engineer will be responsible for contributing to supporting and enhancing Base Operations:

  • data pipeline platform
  • API infrastructure
  • Mapping infrastructure
  • Automated testing infrastructure


  • Cloud based Node.js development
  • Distributed development processes (e.g. Agile, github, jira)
  • AWS
  • Lambda - node.js
  • S3
  • ECS
  • linux based container development


  • Online geographic mapping (e.g. Google Maps, Mapbox APIs)
  • Data processing pipelines

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